5Arts Festival

5arts Festival

September 12, 2015

The 5Arts FEST is an interactive festival designed to celebrate the arts, and the people who contribute to the Arts community. The vision of The 5Arts FEST is an awakening of the 5 senses, allowing the patrons to be the participants. The 5Arts FEST is not a festival you come to, it’s a festival you contribute to.

Unlike any other street festival in Atlanta, The 5Arts FEST will unshackle the exclusivity of the stage and blur the lines between pedestrian and performer. Everyone and anyone can be a part of any event, contest, or workshop. Like Alice in Wonderland, The 5Arts FEST will usher you through various story lines of sight, sound, taste, and touch, as you journey through the 5 Arenas of Art.

We celebrate the arts and the artists because we believe the arts are the cornerstone of creative small business and ultimately the backbone of the entrepreneurial middle class.

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